client testimonials

James has been absolutely wonderful to work with. As a personal injury law firm, we have very little knowledge of what it takes to completely re-do a website, but James has accomplished the enormous task with exceptional skill. His ability has allowed us to make changes that look wonderful aesthetically, but also attract more clients because of the website’s easy navigation.

James was quick to respond, answered questions in detail, and accomplished requests quickly. More often than not, changes and edits were accomplished within a day’s time – an incredible weight off of our shoulder. Thanks to James, we have a great looking website that is both easy to navigate and informative. A big thank you from TorHoerman Law.

Lindsey Andrews, TorHoerman Law

"So I had this website made several years ago when I was living in Hawaii but was never really happy with it. Recently I was looking at a few other people’s websites and none really caught my eye, but one day I got an email from someone promoting their event website. I saw who made the website and I said to myself,wow!!

I loved it and found out it was made by a local business Kaizen Coding. I liked his style so much I emailed that I wanted a website made. James said yes and the rest is history.

Finally I’m having the website of my dreams made. James is the guy. Very professional, concerned about the customer, and shares his ideas also. He is very knowledgeable about building a website and will keep you informed and updated while he is working on it. I highly recommend this guy, so if you need a website done check out Kaizen Coding. He’s awesome to work with!!!!!"

Kenneth Vaughn, Caribou Creek Knives

"James from Kaizen Coding was excellent to work with. He communicated very well and finished early. His ability to take a concept and turn it into a website was among the best I’ve worked with."

Joe Motacek, Chip Fan Site Theme

"James Allen is one of the best website builders I’ve ever had a chance to work with. He created a stylish, modern design according to my personal preference and business needs.

I would highly recommend his services if you desire your website to look professional & visually stunning, and still be affordable."

Maggie Boutell, Cugine’s Pizzeria and Italian Market